Friday, June 13, 2014

మహానుభావుల లక్షణం

శాంతా మహాంతో నివసంతి సంతో వసంతవల్లోకహితం చరంతః
తీర్ణా స్స్వయం భీమభవార్ణవం జనా నహేతునాన్యానపి తారయంతః -39

शान्ता महान्तो निवसन्ति सन्तो वसन्तवल्लोकहितं चरन्तः । 
तीर्णाः स्वयं भीमभवार्णवं जनानहेतुनान्यानपि तारयन्तः ॥ ३९

Adi SaMkara bhagavatpAdAcArya in his vivEka cUDAmaNi says the above golden words.

SAntAH = those who have attained eternal tranquility
mahAntAH = those who have attained supreme greatness (realized sages)
santaH = those who have attained ultimate reality
nivasanti = lead the life
vasanta-vat = like the vasanta Rtu (spring season)
lOka hitam carantaH = for the sake of welfare of the world or serving the world
tIrNAH = having crossed
svayam = on their own
bhIma-bhavArNavam = frightful ocean of samsAra (the cycle of births and deaths)
janAn-anyAn api = other people (who come in contact with them) as well
a-hEtunA = without any reason
tArayantaH = enable to cross or liberate

The realized sages, having liberated themselves on their own from the frightful cyclic ocean of world entanglement, having established in ultimate truth of self, having became eternally tranquil lead the life effortlessly for the welfare of worldly beings just like the vasanta season (all other seasons have one or other difficulty in winter it is very cold, in rainy season the rain, in summer heat etc.) enable others to cross over without any reason. 

My Guru, Hamsa Swami Virajeshwara Saraswati Maharaj (picture above) is a great example of this. Without any reason, he uplifted a most undeserving soul like me and made me cross this samsAra without any of my effort.

-- Swami attained mahAsamadhi on 31-May-2014 and this Sunday 15-June-2014 (third Sunday akhanda SrI rAma nAma samkIrtana) is the first gathering at the ashram without his physical presense.

-- Taken the picture and the quoted verse from vivEka cUDAmaNi from a book called "Guru Mahima" published by the devotees and released by Swami on this year Sri rAma navami day (18-April-2014) For publications - 

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