Sunday, September 3, 2017

పాద దండం

ब्रह्बाण्डच्छत्रदण्डः शतधृतिभवनाम्भोरुहो नालदण्डः
क्षोणीनौकूपदण्डः क्षरदमरसरीद्पट्टिकाकेतुदण्डः ।
श्रेयस्त्रैविक्रमस्ते वितरतु विबुधद्वेषिणां कालदण्डः ॥

SatadhRti bahvana ambhOruhaH nAladaNdaH 
kshONI naukUpa daNDaH 
ksharad amara sarIt paTTikA kEtu daNdaH 
tribhuvana vijaya stambha daNdaH , anghri daNdaH 
SrEyaH traivikramaH te vitaratu 
vibudha dvEshiNAM kAla daNDaH 

The middle shaft of the umbrella for the protective space, the stem of lotus of creator brahma, the conqueror of all worlds, the shaft of the earth-ship's mast, the flag shaft of infinite starry worlds, the central axis of bright wheel of light, the foot of trivikrama - may you be blessed by that daNDaH raised on high; for those enemies of wisdom it is the punishment rod of time!

-- From daNDi's daSa kumAra charitram invocation verse on the occasion of srI vAmana jayanti of SrI hEmalambi year 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

కైవార తాతయ్య కాలజ్ఞానం

దొడ్డ దొరలిండ్లలో - ధోవతులు కొలువున్న
వాని అధికార - మెవ్వరికి లేదు
గ్రామాధిపతి, పణతి - గౌడి మాటకు వెరచు
దాని అధికార - మెవ్వరికి లేదు
క్షవరికుడు పులివంటి - రాజు శిఖ పట్టుకొను
వాని అధికార - మెవ్వరికి లేదు
ప్రభువుల నగరిండ్ల - పాన్పులు సవరించు
వాని అధికార - మెవ్వరికి లేదు

వీరు అతిముద్దు రాజులకు - అనుదినంబు
చాడి కొండెములాడిన - చాలుననరు
అమర నారేయణుని సఖ - హర మహాత్మ
అధిక భవ భంగ కైవరము - భీమలింగా!

-- కాలజ్ఞాన సూక్ష్మ భీమలింగ శతకము, నక్షత్ర మాల, 3వ పద్యం

kaivAra tatayya (1726-1836) said a 27 verse nakshatra mala describing the future on SrImukha nama samvatsara SrAvaNa sukla panchami (1813-14 AD) 

Above is the third verse of the saying, which describes the future state of leadership / management. In 2017, I see this happening exactly as said. 

"The big leaders will listen to the rumors of their servants instead of the capable subordinates. The washer-man of a big leader will have more power than anyone else; the local leader who can't be controlled by anyone will be controlled by his wife, no one will have the power of the barber of the king, the servants of leaders will show all the power. Even the leaders / managers encourage such a behavior." O lord hara, my friend! bhImalinga of kaivara, capable of removing this worldly burden!!

--- On this SrI hemalambi year SravaNa mAsa Siva rAtri 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

అచ్యుతాష్టకం - achyuta-ashTakam

ధేనుకారిష్టహానిష్టకృద్ద్వేషిణాం కేశిహా కంసహృద్వంశికావాదకః |
పూతనాకోపకః సూరజాఖేలనో బాలగోపాలకః పాతు మామ్ సర్వదా || ౬ ||

For full AchyutAShTakam in devanagari: 

Who is unfavorable to daemons like dhEnuka, arishTa, who is destroyer of kEsi and kamsa, the player of a bamboo flute, who is angered by pUtana, who plays on yamuna river (the daughter of Sun), the young cow-heard boy, may he protect me always! 

--- From Adi SankarAcharya's achyutaashTakam - verse 6. 

--- On the occasion of kRshNAshTami of SrI hEmalambi nAma samvatsara on 14th August 2017

May that bAla-gOpAlaka protect everyone always! 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

వ్యాస పూర్ణిమ

वदव्यासंस्वात्मरूपंसत्यसन्धं परायणम ।
शान्तं जितन्दे्रियक्रोधंसशिष्यं प्रणमाम्यहम॥


వేదవ్యాసం స్వాత్మరూపం సత్యసంధం పరాయణం ।
శాంతం జితేంద్రియక్రోధం సశిష్యం ప్రణమామ్యహం॥

I bow down to: vEda vyAsa, form of own self, truthful, supreme, peaceful, conqueror of senses and anger, along with his sishyas (- paila, vaiSampAyana, jaimini and sumantra. )

--- శృంగేరీ పీఠం వారి 'గురు సపర్య' అనే సంకలనం నుంచి

Friday, June 16, 2017

ధన్యుల కర్మ

త్యక్త్వా మమ-అహం ఇతి బంధకరే పదే ద్వే
మాన-అవమాన సదృశాః సమదర్శినః చ
కర్త్రః-అన్యం అవగమ్య తత్ అర్పితాని
కుర్వంతి కర్మ పరిపాక ఫలాని ధన్యాః

--- ఆది శంకరుల ధన్యాష్టకం నుంచి

Having given up two binding words "I and mine"
being equal towards the likes of honor-dishonor as well
understood that the doer is diffent (from self) and resigning (results thereof in that doer)
performs actions of fully ripened results (as duties) - those are blessed

---  Adi Sankara's "praise of the blessed" stotram

Remembered this SlOka when I heard through various social media channels that the jagadguru of Sringeri has been dishonored at a function by an ignorant person. The results surely bind the ignorant and never touch those with wisdom. May god forgive those ignorant people.

Full dhanyAshTakam can be read: 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

श्रीरामगीता - శ్రీరామగీతా

प्रत्यक्परोक्षादि विरोधमात्मनो-
र्विहाय सङ्गृह्य तयोश्चिदात्मताम् ।
संशोधितां लक्षणया च लक्षितां
ज्ञात्वा स्वमात्मानमथाद्वयो भवेत् ॥ २६॥

ప్రత్యక్పరోక్షాది విరోధమాత్మనో-
ర్విహాయ సఙ్గృహ్య తయోశ్చిదాత్మతామ్ ।
సంశోధితాం లక్షణయా చ లక్షితాం
జ్ఞాత్వా స్వమాత్మానమథాద్వయో భవేత్ ॥

Swami ChinmayAnanda's English translation for the above verse:
Rejecting the difference of nearness and remoteness, and so on... between jIvAtma and paramAtma, one should know one's own nature as that of pure consciousness, arrived at through the inquiry and implied by the method of implication. Thereafter, realizing one's own true Self and Brahman, one should merge to become one with it.

In Adhyatma rAmAyaNa, uttara kAnDa, 5th sarga is called SrI rAma gItA. It has 62 verses and it is an instruction from Lord rAma to his brother LakshmaNa who is looking for surest path to supreme realization.
This verse is 26th SlOka in SrI rAma gIta.

pratyaksha-parOksha-Adi virOdham AtmanOH
vihAya; samgRhya tayOH cidAtmatAm
samSOdhirAm lakshaNayA ca lakshitAM
jnAtvA svamAtmAnam atha advayO bhavEt

My interpretation:
pratyaksham i.e, imminence and parOksham i.e, transcendence are virOdham mutually opposing qualities of Self. By vihAya giving up this contradictions within the description of Self, accepting the true nature of cidAtmatAm pure consciousness in them -- samSOdhitAm one should perform inquiry into its lakshaNayA quality as the goal and the one who is lakshitAm aiming at that goal. jnatvA Having realized svamAtmAnam the own Self as supreme, atha advayO bhavEt one should become non-dual .

Let one and all engage in such a great inquiry resulting in non-dual realization as instructed by Lord rAma. om tat sat.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

అహం పరమః శివః

మన్తవ్యే చాభిమాతవ్యే బొద్ధవ్యే ధృతిసంగమాత్
సుఖే దుఃఖే విమోహే చ స్థితోఽహం పరమః శివః

----- శివ దృష్టిః, సప్తమాహ్నికం 104

man&tavyE cAbhimAtavyE boddhavyE dhRtisangamAt
sukhE du@hkhE vimOhE ca sthitO'ham parama@h Siva@h

----- Siva dRshTi@h, saptamAhnikam 104

In the ability of thinking, in the I-ness, in understanding, in firm resolve,
in pleasure, in pain, in delusion as well; established, I am supreme auspiciousness, Siva.

----శ్రీ దుర్ముఖి నామ సంవత్సర మహా శివరాత్రి సందర్భంగా is the opening verse of the vArtikam of this work, and this verse is almost at the end of the work by sOmAnanda yOgi.

Let the graceful vision of Siva be on one and all!!

Friday, February 17, 2017


చక్షుర్దక్షద్విషో యన్నతు దహతి పురః పూరయత్యేవ కామం
నాస్తం జుష్టం మరుద్భిర్యదిహ నియమినాం యానపాత్రం భవాబ్ధౌ
యద్వీతశ్రాన్తి శశ్వద్భ్రమదపి జగతాం భ్రాంతిమభ్రాంతి హన్తి
బ్రధ్నస్యవ్యాద్విరుద్ధక్రియమథ చ హితాధాయి తన్మణ్డలం వః

cakshurdakshadvishO yannatu dahati pura@h pUrayatyEva kAmam
nAstM jushTam marudbhiryadiha niyaminAm yAnapAtram bhavAbdhau
yadvItaSrAn&ti SaSvadbhramadapi jagatAM bhrAntimabhrAnti han&ti
bradhnasyavyAdviruddhakriyamatha ca hitAdhAyi tanmaNDalam va@h

Above is a slOka from a work called SUrya Satakam by mayUra kavi. A set of 100 verses dedicated to Sun. Above is the 80th that concludes describing the manDalam i.e, territory of authority i.e, jurisdiction of Lord Sun.

That is the eye of daksha's foe. It is not burning away the worlds, it is giving rise to desires, even though it is the vehicle that can take the deserving people out of the ocean of samsara, no wind is able to move it. It is always at rest even while making this world revolve. It appears to revolve to the worldly beings. It can remove all delusion. Even though all these effects of Sun are contradicting each other, the authority, is auspicious to all of us and protect all of us.

daksha's foe is lord Siva. Lord Siva's eye is supposed to have burnt the tripuras, and the lord of desire. But as Sun, it is not burning away the worlds, it is not destroying the desire either. Rather, it is actually filling up the world with all sorts of desires!

For those who are striving to cross over this ocean of births and deaths, it is the vehicle to cross the ocean. But it is not moving anywhere or not being touched by any wind. Any ship in the ocean will move based on the wind force. But no wind i.e, marut is not able to move this one.

Even when moving all this world continuously, it is at rest. It appears to revolve. It is not revolving. This is a delusion, but it is capable of removing all delusions!!

All the apparent contradictions of this Aditya manDalam are really protecting this world and for hita i.e, for good or prosperity only.

For original Sanskrit version of the complete Satakam: