Thursday, May 5, 2011

దండన రహస్యం

దణ్డ్యే యః పాతయేత్ దణ్డం దణ్డ్యో యః చ అపి దణ్డ్యతే |
కార్య కారణ సిద్ధార్థౌ ఉభౌ తౌ న అవసీదతః || 4-18-61

61. yaH= he who; daNDye= regarding the punishable one; daNDam paatayet= punishment, let falls - imposes; yaH ca api= he, who is, even; daNDyaH= is punishable; daNDyate= gets punished; kaarya kaaraNa siddha arthau= effect, cause, accomplished, with means; tau ubhau= those, two; na ava siidataH= will not, sink down - doomed, get condemned.

తత్ భవాన్ దణ్డ సమ్యోగాత్ అస్మాత్ విగత కల్మషః |
గతః స్వాం ప్రకృతిం ధర్మ్యాం ధర్మ దిష్టేన వర్త్మనా || 4-18-62
62. tat= thereby; bhavaan= you are; asmaat daNDa sam yogaat= with this, punishment, by linkage - by virtue of; vi gata kalmaSaH= [you are] completely, divested, of blemish; dharma diSTena vartmanaa= by rightness, given, course - as contained in the scriptures of rightness; dharmyaam= agreeable to righteousness; svaam prakR^itim gataH= your own, nature, you got into - obtained.

---- శ్రీరామచంద్రమూర్తి వాలితో
(by the dharmic way of punishment, the punished one should be brought back into to his true natural state of purity! by doing so, the both punisher and the punished would become accomplished in cause and effect of punishment )
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