Saturday, July 27, 2013

హంస మంత్రం

గమాగమస్థం గమనాది శూన్యం
                   చిద్రూపదీపం తిమిరాపహారం |
పశ్యామి తే సర్వజనాంతరస్థం
                   నమామి హంసం పరమాత్మ రూపం ||

-- యోగశిఖోపనిషత్ నుంచి  (హంస గాయత్రి ధ్యాన శ్లోకం)

gamAgamasthaM gamanAdi SUnyaM
                  cidrUpadIpaM timirApahAraM |
paSyAmi tE sarvajanAntarasthaM
                  namAmi haMsaM paramAtma rUpam ||

(THAT) Is established in exit (niHSvAsa i.e., exhalation)  and entry (utSvAsa i.e, inhalation)  but devoid of any movement
              Is of the form of light of consciousness (cit) which removes the darkness (timira i.e ignorance)
I see THOU established in all the (living) beings
              I bow down, "haM sa"  The SOUL ultimate of all beings!

Every human being recites (silently performs a japa of) this mantra 21,600 times daily! which keeps the being alive. Only due to THAT soul's presence all the movements of mental, emotional and physical layears are expressed and impressed!

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