Wednesday, September 25, 2013

గృహమేధి - ధీరమతి

Kapila's teaching from pOtana bhAgavatam

-- on the occassion of Kapila shashTi, vyatIpAta, mahAlaya paksham
-- కపిల షష్టి, వ్యతీపాత, మహాలయ పక్షం సందర్భంగా...

Kapila, the first philosopher describes the nature of human life and its ultimate purpose in Srimad bhAgavatam.

gRhamEdhi - being righteous, living a pious life leads to higher realms of life of progressively. But once the results of the meritorious actions depleate, one will come back to the earth for again performing actions.

dhIra mati - (one with a firm resolve) Only by giving up ahamkAra, mamakAra the wise men seek merger in the Lord. Only those follow the non-repetitive path leading to mOksha.

So, living a righteous life is a necessary condition for attaining moksha but that alone is not the sufficient condition confers moksha. Essentially one should seek moksha giving up Ego and attachment.

This is the esssence of teaching bhagavAn kapila taught to his mother dEvahUti.

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