Saturday, July 19, 2014

మోక్షము అంటే?

దెహస్య మోక్షో నో మోక్షో న దండస్య కమండలోః
అవిద్యా హృదయగ్రన్ధిమోక్షో మోక్షో యతస్తతః

--వివేక చూడామణి

Leaving the body is not liberation; Neither giving up the last set of posessions is mOksha. When the release from the "knot of ignorance" in the name of Ego happens it is the real liberation. 

-- Above words from VivEka cUDAmaNI of SaMkara bhagavadpAda were underlined in red ink by my father. They give guidance after decade of he leaving his physical body having attained highest state "mOksha". 

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