Tuesday, July 14, 2015


కర్మణ్యకర్మ యః పశ్యేదకర్మణి చ కర్మ యః.
స బుద్ధిమాన్ మనుష్యేషు స యుక్తః కృత్స్నకర్మకృత్৷৷4.18৷৷

कर्मण्यकर्म यः पश्येदकर्मणि च कर्म यः।
स बुद्धिमान् मनुष्येषु स युक्तः कृत्स्नकर्मकृत्।।4.18।।

karmaNi akarma yaH paSyat akarmaNi ca karma yaH;
saH buddhimAn manushyEshu saH yuktaH kRtsna-karma-kRt.

One who sees inaction in action; also sees action in inaction. Such wise person, a yOgi becomes accomplished in all actions! 

1. Seeing inaction in action: Today's world everyone is busy. No one seems to have time even to think. But what is the outcome of such "busyness"? Is there any real everlasting result is gained? Each person should think about "What is action?" and "What is inaction?" and how to reconcile action and inaction.

Action is performance of duties. Inaction is keeping the mind still. Seeing inaction in action is to perform duties unperturbed while mind firmly on God.

2. Seeing action in inaction: There is a large amount of lethargy and laziness in the world as well. Is it the stillness? One should think about such inaction as well. Sitting idle at some place expecting and being anxious about results or worrying about past is not "inaction" there is lot of mental action involved in it.

Having proper understanding of "inaction" i.e., removal of anxiety and worry and the ability to see such hidden mental action that makes one very very tired is seeing action in inaction.

One who can achieve perfection in both seeing inaction in action and action in inaction is wise! (buddhimAn-manushya) also a yOgi (yuktaH which means balanced, intellegent)

3. Accomplished all actions: Fulfilled all action, attained the ultimate result of all actions! Completed all actions. ALL ACTIONS!!

Such a sage is the one who has completed all actions and attained the ultimate!

---శ్రీ మన్మథ నామ సంవత్సర అధిక ఆషాఢ మాస శివరాత్రి సందర్భం గా...   

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