Thursday, November 26, 2015

క్రియాసిద్ధిః సత్త్వే భవతి

विजेतव्या लङ्का चरणतरणीयो जलनिधिः ।
विपक्षः पौलस्त्यो रणभुवि सहायाश्च कपयः ।
तथाप्येको रामः सकलमवधीद्राक्षसकुलं ।
क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे ॥

रथस्यैकं चक्रं भुजगयमिताः सप्ततुरगाः ।
निरालंबो मार्गश्चरणविकलो सारथिरपि।
रविर्यात्यंतं प्रतिदिनमपारस्य नभसः ।
क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे॥

घटो जन्मस्थानं मृगपरिजनो भूर्जवसनं ।
वने वासः कन्दैरशनमपि दुःस्थं वपुरिदम् ।
अगस्त्यः पायोधिं यदकृत करांभोजकुहरे ।
क्रियासिद्धिः सत्त्वे भवति महतां नोपकरणे ॥

Above three samskruta subhAshita gives three examples of how accomplishment of task depends on the inner strength irrespective of how weak the environmental support one has.

1. what has to be conquered is Lanka, Ocean has to be crossed by foot, opponent is the great son of pulastya, the army is only monkeys; even then the RAMA, single handed won over the mighty rAkshasas.

2. The chariot has only one wheel, seven horses are tied to it by snakes, the path is sky without any directions, the driver has no legs; even then the SUN traverses the horizon every day.

3. Birth place is a pot (a test tube!), followers are animals, dress is made up of bark of birch plant, living place is forest, eats only bulbous roots, body is short; even then sage agasthya was able to take the water form all the oceans in his palm.

"kriyAsiddhiH sattvE bhavati mahatAm nOpakaraNE"
Hence, the accomplishment of great people depends purely on their innate strength and not on the helping tools or support from outside.

--- Today is auspicious full moon day of month of kArtIka celebrated as jvAlA tOraNam, mahA kArtIki, guru nAnak jayanti

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