Tuesday, December 13, 2016


జన్మ సంసారబంధఘ్నం స్వరూపానందదాయకం
నిశ్శ్రేయసవదం వందే స్మర్తృగామీ సనోఽవతు||

--శ్రీ దత్త జయంతి మార్గశిర శుక్ల పౌర్ణమి సందర్భంగా

janma-samsAra bandhaghnam svarUpAnandadAyakam
niSSrEyasapadam vandE smartRgAmI sanO'vatu

-- SrI datta jayanti mArgaSira Sukla paurNami

HE, destroyer of bondage from repeated birth cycle, bestower of bliss by realization of own nature
the path to ultimate prosperity, I bow down; to the one who can be reached by treading the path of memory; may protect us.

smRti is memory, smara is to remember, smartR+gAmI one who can be found by inward journey into the basis of one's own mind. The consciousness is the guru inward. Guru exists in everyone universally.

Today is the auspicious day of appearance of Guru in the form of Lord DattatrEya as given to the sage couple atri and anasUya. atri is the one beyond the three i.e, triads. anasUya is beyond jealousy i.e, emotional negativity. Having unified all triads, rising beyond all negative thoughts, the guru tattva appears as the smartRgAmI on this auspicious day!

May the grace of guru be on one and all! One and all find the inward guru by treading the path inwards!!

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