Thursday, February 14, 2013

శారదా భుజంగ ప్రయాత స్తోత్రం

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జ్వలత్-కాంతి-వహ్నిం జగన్మోహనాంగీం
భజే మానస-అంభోజ-సుభ్రాంత-భృంగీం
భజే శారదాంబాం అజస్రం మదంబాం
I praise mother SAradAMba, my mother eternal, shining with all the true essense of literature, music and dance (all fine arts), who roams around the lotus of mind like a bee (what roams around in the mind is knowledge!), who is a bright flame of fire (jnAnAgni - that can destroy ignorance / avidya) at the same time who can delude the whole world! (for those who mis-understand the world as an independent reality!)
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