Sunday, September 20, 2015


తిమిరారి స్తమోహంతి శఙ్కాతఙ్కిత మానసాః
వయం కాకా వయం కాకా ఇతి జల్పంతి వాయసాః

timirAriH - the (ari) enemy of (timira) darkness
tamOhanti - destroying the (tamas) cause of darkness
SankAtankita mAnasAH - having a doubt (that misidentifying them as darkness due to black color) in the mind
vayam kAkA vayam kAkA iti = "we are crows, we are crows"
jalpanti vAyasAH = crows are making noise!

Today is bhAnu (Sunday) saptami (7th moon phase) a combination that is auspicious.

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