Friday, February 18, 2011


కుకర్మీ కుసంగీ కుబుద్ధిః కుదాసః కులాచారహీనః కదాచారలీనః
కుదృష్టిః కువాక్యప్రబంధః సదాహం గతిస్త్వం గతిస్త్వం త్వమేకా భవాని.

I am a person of
ku+karmii = bad deeds,
ku+sangii = bad associations
ku+buddhih = bad intellect
ku+daasah = bad servant (or a servant of bad masters)
kulaacharahiinah = given up my own correct way of life
kadaacharaliinah = taken up by some (incorrect) ways of life and submerged in them
ku+dRisThi = bad view
ku+vaakya prabandha = making bad statements and bound by them
sadaa+ahm = always (in the past, till now) have been
bhavani = O Bhavani,
tvam ekaa gatih+tvam, gatih+tvam = thou art alone is the only path, the only path

--మహామాఘం సందర్భంగా (Today is the auspicious mahaamaagham) Best day for complete surrender to the almighty and taking up the right path.

The snana, daana and japa done today will give tremendous good results in taking away agham (అఘం = పాపం bad effects of past bad deeds)

om tat sat
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